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The mission: To teach pet parents how to effectively communicate with their dogs by providing quality training tailored to the specific needs of their dog(s). We offer unique hybrid classes of lifestyle training, as well as command training, to ensure a well rounded experience with optimum results for you and your dog. ​

All classes are held at CLIENT'S HOME 

1 on 1 Dog Training Classes 

$550 - Includes 5 (1) hr Sessions

Our training classes are a hybrid class consisting of lifestyle training, as well as basic commands. In our one on one sessions we will focus on modifying specific undesired behaviors including potty training, jumping, nipping, proper leash etiquette and any other behavioral issues. We will cover basic obedience commands (come, sit, down, stay, and heel) on leash.

Call now to enroll into our Training Academy (773) 424-8871. 


PET CPR Classes

The mission: To teach participants how to properly perform CPR on a dog.

We offer our Pet CPR certification classes for people looking to be properly trained and certified. Our class offers alive demonstrations and an interactive class in which our instructors demonstrate proper technique.

Cost: $125

Location: Puppy Hasberdashy Ashburn (79th Street)

Certification Duration: 2 Years

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